OutLoud Needs YouLisa Nelson3/16/20183/24/2018
OutLoud Needs You
    THANK YOU to everyone who has stepped up to volunteer at OutLoud this evening. You filled all our spots!     ... read full article
Upcoming Volunteer OpportunitiesLisa Nelson11/30/201712/14/2017
Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities
Snapdoodle on Saturday, December 2nd   To support the kids in their playing, the boosters provide shelter from the elements, supervision and cleanup, along with cocoa and hot cider.   Thank you to those who have offered to bring cocoa, cider, tables, and a coffee urn!  We are still in need of: •    Some help setting up and hanging out during the day, making sure things stay organized. •    Two pop-up shelters, just in case the weather is normal. If you can help out, please check out the sign-up.com link here:  Sign-Up Link   Band Concert Jacket Help Needed Adult Helpers ... read full article
Volunteers Needed for OutLoudLisa Nelson11/18/20173/16/2018
Volunteers Needed for OutLoud
The OutLoud Planning Committee is looking for volunteers to help with the following: Auction Item Procurement Lead:   We already started the work but would love to have a dedicated lead to contact past and new donors.  Help us make our biggest fundraiser of the year a huge success!  Setup and Cleanup Team: Must be available in the morning (for setup team) or after 10pm (for cleanup crew). For more information please contact Ember Fry . ... read full article
Volunteers needed for Fall Jazz Festival on November 18Lisa Nelson11/8/201711/17/2017
Volunteers needed for Fall Jazz Festival on November 18
The Music Booster Club will be serving a Soup and Bread Buffet at the upcoming Fall Jazz Festival on November 18 .  We would appreciate help with any of the following:   Help with Lunch: Two volunteers needed from 11am to 2pm.       Food Donations: Soups in a crockpot.  Specifically: 1 meat chili 1 cream-base vegetarian soup (any kind) 1 broth base chicken with vegetable soup (any kind) 100 Fall-theme napkins 100 sturdy & disposable soup bowls Bite size desserts About 40 dinner rolls 1 box of saltines or oyster crackers   Soups must be dropped off at ... read full article
OutLoud: Ticket Sales & Donation RequestLisa Nelson2/16/20183/16/2018
OutLoud: Ticket Sales & Donation Request
OutLoud is just a few weeks away!  Tickets are only $20 and will be on sale starting at 6:30 PM before the upcoming band and orchestra concerts. Look near the entrance for the sales station. Cash and checks preferred. (Band Concert is on Thursday, March 8 and the Orchestra Concert is on Tuesday, March 13.) We are still collecting donations for the auction and wine for the wine ring toss! We'd be happy to accept your items at the concerts. There will be a table set up near the entrance where you can drop off your donations and/or wine. Note: ... read full article
**Pops Concert Volunteers Needed**Lisa Nelson5/30/20186/8/2018
**Pops Concert Volunteers Needed**
The Pops Concert (June 7th) is a wonderful way to wrap up a year of music, but it takes a number of volunteers to help pull it off. Everything from ushers to ticket-sellers. Please use the link below to look at our list of jobs and see if you can help out.   In particular, we need server help for the caterer. To keep her prices low, Rose Tom doesn't provide her own wait-staff, instead using volunteer help. We need about 10 servers schlep desserts, coffee, and water to/from the floor tables during the concert. Typically we rely on students ... read full article
Open Board PosisitonsLisa Nelson10/10/201710/31/2017
Open Board Posisitons
Thank you to Sandi Reddick for stepping up and volunteering to be the booster board Secretary!  Remaining open spots are:  - Vice President - Help run the show.  This is a pretty low-key position, believe it or not, but it'd be pretty sweet to have somebody involved for the next couple of years and ready to move into the presidency when our current president, Curt Hayes, graduates out of Inglemoor.   - Fund-Raising Chair(s) - We're looking for a person or couple of people with a drive to fund-raise.  This can be as little or as much as you want it ... read full article
Booster MeetingLisa Nelson10/10/201710/20/2017
Booster Meeting
Our next booster meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, October 19th at 7pm in the IHS band room.  Come and see what this is all about.  We promise, we will not pressure you to volunteer, but you might surprise yourself and do it anyhow! :) ... read full article
Scholarship Committee - Alumni NeededLisa Nelson10/10/201711/30/2017
Scholarship Committee - Alumni Needed
Each year the IHS IMB gives music scholarships to two Inglemoor students for college, and also to two students from each of Northshore Middle School and Kenmore Middle School to be used for instruments, supplies, or lessons.  We're looking for a few people, alumni preferably, to be on the scholarship committee.  This will be our first committee, so you'll help draft the application and determine the acceptance criteria.  In the spring we'll take applications, which the committee will grade and determine who gets the scholarships.  Please consider joining this committee and moving us forward with what we're really all about: ... read full article
Uniform Help NeededLisa Nelson9/20/201710/8/2017
Uniform Help Needed
Our uniform chair, Sandy Hayes, needs some extra help both distributing the uniforms and then collecting them again at the end of games. Keep in mind that we have nearly 140 kids in the marching band. That's a LOT of uniforms to distribute, and they don't move themselves! If you can help out, please contact Sandy Hayes at: ihsimb@hotmail.com ... read full article
Uniform Fitting Help NeededLisa Nelson9/7/20179/9/2017
Uniform Fitting Help Needed
We urgently need some help re-fitting some students to make sure all students have a uniform that fits.  This will start at 4pm Friday, September 8, and run until about 6, at the latest.  If you can help out, please contact our uniform rep, Sandy Hayes at: ihsimb@hotmail.com ... read full article